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When to go?
For Kenya, Tanzania, and Botswana, the dry austral winter (June - August) is generally considered the best time to visit for big game viewing. Animals are on the move for water, and vegetation is less obstructive. The big game migrations are featured events, so check with your safari specialist for timing. It's a different story for Cape Town, where the winter months can be very cold and wet, and the best weather occurs in autumn (February and March).

Where to stay?
To over simplify: the wildlife reserves in Kenya and Tanzania have a reputation for the highest density of both big game and tourists, Botswana's reserves are best known for their unspoiled wilderness experience, and South Africa combines wild game viewing with close proximity to major cosmopolitan activities. Safari Tent Camps, ranging from minimalist to super luxury, get you closest to the wildlife action. Be aware, "Safari Lodge" can denote anything from common motel to luxury spa.

What to do?
Plan ways to get out of your Land Rover while on safari, as days on end of long game drives can be overwhelming. The best way to stretch your legs is to plan visits to Tribal villages, which are colorful and fascinating. Or arrange alternative modes of safari transportation; guided bushwalks, dug-out canoes, camel safari, or even hot air balloon excursions.


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