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When to go?
The high season for tourism in the South Pacific Islands is May to October, when it is drier and slightly cooler. July and August are the most popular, as Australians and New Zealanders escape winter in the southern hemisphere. November through April is the wet season, with the possibility for tropical cyclones (hurricanes). Weather patterns are generally consistent across the island groups of Bali, Fiji, Tahiti and the Cook Islands.

Where to stay?
If budget matters, you're likely to find Tahiti vacation resorts to be the most expensive, while Fiji is the comparative bargain. On mountainous islands, look for lodging on the western side, as trade winds drop more rain on the eastern slopes. Expect to spend either the first or last night of your vacation at a hotel within driving distance of the main international airport.

What to do?
It would be easy to spend all your time in the turquoise waters - scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, etc, but it will be well worth the time and effort to leave the resort to explore the natural wonders and native culture on the interior of the islands. Guided tours often include arrangements to interact with the locals more than you could on your own. If you go "upcountry" remember to bring a light jacket, it can get cold at higher elevations.


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