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Costa Rica Vacation Travel

More About Costa Rica - Editor's Tips - Weather Maps & Dining

When to go?
Most Costa Rica bound travelers choose to visit mid December through April, when the weather is pleasantly sunny and dry. The Caribbean coast is an exception, with rains occurring throughout the year. Temperatures vary with altitude; higher regions can be relatively cool, so pack accordingly. Some primitive roads do flood during the rainy season, May through October, so check with locals before you venture out.

Where to stay?
Costa Rica has yet to be overwhelmed with mega resort development, although larger luxury resorts are starting to spring up. Hotels and lodges tend to be small, simple and relatively affordable. The Pacific coast boasts many of the best beaches. Book early for the dry season, mid December through April.

What to do?
Costa Rica boasts an astounding number of ways to experience its natural and cultural diversity. Eco tours, exploring everything from sea turtle nesting to rainforest canopies are available in various styles and price ranges. Spanish language immersion programs are also growing in availability and popularity. If you just want to hang out at the beach, be careful of strong currents and rip tides which are quite common but not always obvious.


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